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    Client Info

    Pet Info

    Does your pet have a history of biting or aggressive behavior?YesNo

    Service(s) Requested


    How long will you be needing us to care for your pet?


    Does your pet require medication? YesNo

    Please list any pertinent information regarding feeding or medication times in the following section.

    Emergency Information

    In the case that a pet would require emergency care, we would like some information to make sure your pet gets the care they need as fast as possible.

    What is the veterinarian's office you prefer?

    Is there a credit card on file? YesNo

    If the petsitter has to cover any veterinary trips during the owner's absence, we will expect immediate compensation.

    Housesitting Checklist

    As your housesitter, we take our positions very seriously. We have streamlined the process by providing a checklist. Our only request to you is to provide us with a distinctive key or keychain to distinguish your key from others, as this helps us stay organized. Key tags are also okay! Please select the expectations you have of your housesitter to ensure the best comfort and quality for your experience.

    Would you like your petsitter to stay overnight? YesNo

    Water Plants? YesNo


    Is smoking permitted outside if petsitter is a smoker? YesNo

    Pet waste clean up in yard? YesNo

    Throw away perishables in fridge? YesNo

    Okay for petsitter to adjust temperature in your house? YesNo

    Okay to use pool/hot tub? YesNo

    Get mail/bring in packages? YesNo

    Can your petsitter have company over? YesNo

    Okay for petsitter to use oven/grill? YesNo

    Leave the lights on at night or while away? YesNo

    Take out trash? YesNo

    Okay for petsitter to use washer and dryer? YesNo

    Do you prefer your petsitter to be in your home during certain hours if staying overnight, for feeding and medication purposes?

    Our petsitters will be sure to clean up after themselves before leaving the house.

    Social Media and Privacy

    May we take photos of your pets and post them on our Pawsitive Petsitting page? (your name will not be disclosed unless requested/authorized) YesNo

    Would you like to receive daily texts or picture updates? YesNo

    In order to be completely transparent with our petsitters, we request that the home owner disclose any surveillance within the home, and possibly give them access to security cameras surrounding the outside of the home for their own safety.

    Does your house have surveillance? YesNo

    Are you willing to disclose the location of any surveillance devices in the home? YesNo

    Agreement Terms and Conditions

    At the meet and greet, our petsitter will get an idea of your pet's routine. We also reserve the right to ensure that our petsitter is provided a safe and comfortable workplace, so please be prepared to advise your petsitter of any unsafe conditions in the house, so they can be sure to avoid any accidents.

    For overnights, we ask that your petsitter be provided with suitable sleeping arrangements during their stay. This includes a sleeping area in a clean bedroom, clean linens on the bed, and no cameras in their sleeping areas. We also ask that the bathroom and kitchen areas are sanitary and clean for the petsitters, and obviously no cameras in the bathroom or changing areas. We reserve the right to not fulfill overnights in the home if these requirements are not met prior to the petsitters' stay, as it is not a safe or sanitary working environment for our independent contractors.

    Your petsitter will ensure your home stays tidy during their stay, so we ask that their living area be suitably clean, sanitary and free from obstacles. Our petsitter will not be responsible for any messes left prior to the housesit, but will be sure to clean up after themselves before leaving the home and make sure the house looks the same as it was left when leaving the premises.

    We are not responsible for increases in electric or water during housesitter's stay. We are not liable for any accidental or animal related damages on property, or unintentional damage incurred during stay. We are not responsible for treats or food. You will be charged if we have to purchase these items.

    The payment that has been decided between the petsitter and the pet owner is what is expected upon the beginning of service. Special cases in which the payment needs to be done in increments (half at the beginning and half at the end) will be considered.

    Payment Information

    Retainer fee starting at $25 applies when booking and signing an agreement with your petsitter. Ask a manager for more details.

    Payment can be made in cash or check, or via Venmo (@PawsitivePetsitCincy) or Paypal (@lisapawsitive).

    Any gratuity will be given in full to the petsitter.

    Thank you so much for choosing Pawsitive Petsitting. We truly open our hearts to your family, and we want you and your pet to feel as comfortable as possible while away. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you to make your experience with us as Pawsitive as can be!

    We are insured and bonded. If a situation arises, please contact either Lisa or Hayley at