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How long have you been in business?

We have been providing pet sitting services in Cincinnati and NKY since November of 2018. We have grown exponentially since then and plan to continue to grow for years to come!

How many pet sitters do you have available?

We have over 30 independent contractors who do pet sitting jobs for us in the tri-county area. They are all screened, interviewed and background checked prior to taking any jobs with Pawsitive. They are all avid animal lovers, and we even have some experienced vet techs who can help with medications and other needs you may have. Our sitters can also provide references from other pet sitting jobs as needed.

Are you accredited by the BBB? What is your rating?

We are accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating! We also have several positive reviews on our BBB profile.

Do you have an agreement to fill out or do we need to have our own set of notes for our petsitter?

We do have an agreement that is sent in the confirmation email, and that covers everything we need to know for the job. If you have any extra notes for our petsitter, we absolutely appreciate as much information as we can have while you are gone!

Do you provide housesitting services while petsitting? (Taking in the mail, watering plants, etc.)

We have a housesitting checklist on the agreement for this reason! The housesitting checklist includes trash day, bringing in mail, pet waste clean up, among many other factors. If you need a petsitter to water any plants during their job, please leave an extra note indicating this and any specific instructions.

Do your petsitters send updates to the client?

You can indicate if you want updates on the agreement; but the sitter is asked to send at least one update a day letting the client know how everything is going (including pictures, if possible!) 

What do the meet and greets entail? Are they complimentary? 

Meet and greets are complimentary, and should be scheduled once the confirmation email is sent out with the client and sitter’s phone numbers. Meet and greets are very important, as it is the initial meeting with the sitter to ensure the comfortability of all parties involved in the petsit. During a meet and greet, the client should go over routine, medications, feeding schedule, walking/let out schedule, any quirks (leash aggression, running out the door, anxiety with storms or fireworks, etc) with the sitter. If there are any issues during the meet and greet, it is very important to reach out and let the scheduling manager or owner know so they can reschedule you with a sitter who will be a better fit for you.

How far in advance should we book for petsitting?

In the spring and summer months, we prefer you book 2-3 months in advance to give enough time for the sitters to accommodate your needs with their own schedule. During fall and winter months, we prefer you book one month in advance. We try to accommodate last minute requests but do not always have sitters available, so it’s best to reach out to us in advance so we can schedule meet and greets and make sure everyone is comfortable and happy!

Can we book longer than 2-3 months in advance?

You can, but it may be harder to lock down a sitter that far in advance, as they may not know their own personal schedule at that time. We can always put the dates in our calendar as “OPEN” and keep it in mind for scheduling!

How do we make payments for these services?

Payments can be made via Venmo (@PawsitivePetsitCincy) or Paypal (AlfieriLisa@gmail.com). We also accept cash or checks.

Do the housesitters stay in the home full time when they are doing overnights?

The housesitters use your home as a “home base,” so to say, but may have other responsibilities outside of petsitting. Most of their time is spent in your home and they try to follow the pets’ routines as closely as possible (especially if pets are medicated.) If you have a request for a full time petsitter, pricing may be different to accommodate this need. We also have back up sitters who can provide check ins for our housesitters while they are busy or at work.

Are you insured and bonded?

We are insured and bonded by the Business Insurers of the Carolinas. If you would like to see a copy of our insurance card, we would be happy to send you a picture of it!

For check ins, do you provide walks for the dogs?

During the complimentary meet and greet, we establish what the client wants the sitter to do during the check ins. We NEVER let the dogs on walks interact with other dogs or humans (even if they know the dog or human and like them,) because it is a liability. The sitters are instructed to keep dogs from interacting at all on walks, and to cross the street if and when possible.

Do you petsit for elderly pets?

Yes we do, but we do have an elderly/sick pet clause in our confirmation email:

**If your dog/cat is elderly or has a known terminal illness, we have noticed that they tend to struggle with the absence of their owner and the change in their routine for extended periods of time. There must be extra instructions in this case,  including contact for veterinary care or a close family member to help, notified of any extreme signs of a rapid decline that differs from regular daily behavior, or any other factors that we should know of prior to the petsit. Pawsitive will not be held liable for any significant decline in an elderly or sick dog or cat’s health under our care, but we will do everything we can to assist in the situation.