We are a small, personal petsitting service who provides check ins, walks, house sitting and limited boarding. We are also insured and bonded and accredited by the BBB, and all of our petsitters undergo a background check for your peace of mind. 

Prices can be negotiable based on different factors but we have tried to include everything in our services including mileage, our pet sitters time and quality care for your fur babies. We are a full service petsitting business so your petsitter will always have backup in case of emergency.

Gally Girl
Gally Girl who lives in the boarding space.

Limited Boarding (Until Further Notice)

We provide limited boarding in our home. (Please inquire about address when contacting us.) This is an option open to dogs who want a routine home environment, but can grow accustomed to a different space. There is usually always someone present in the home with the animals when being boarded. (Never gone for more than 3 hrs at a time.) We follow all of the same routines; walking, eating, playing, medications, etc. A meet and greet is required before boarding dogs, unless it is an emergency situation-in which case we will only consider the animal if it is known to not be aggressive towards other animals (meaning dogs and cats.) Prices are negotiable based on age, size, and number of dogs. We do not provide boarding for cats, only dogs at this time.

There is one small to medium dog and two indoor/outdoor cats who live in the boarding space. They all are very tolerable of all animals, but if the cats need to be put in a different space due to dog aggression, we have an available upstairs space for the cats.

MUSTS for Boarding:

  • Get along with other animals (dogs and cats) (can be situational, and we can make it work if the aggression is only towards cats)
  • Have records of DA2PL-Parvo Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and canine influenze annually and rabies every 1-3 years.
  • Must be treated for fleas to be boarded in the home.
  • Make any dietary restrictions clear
  • Fill out and sign an agreement
  • Must be neutered and spayed to stay in the boarding house.
  • Bring crate/beds if needed

Bones may be sent with dogs but will be given to dogs separately, as they have been known to cause aggression before. Toys/stuffed animals/kongs preferred. Some toys are provided. Other animals information is on the agreement!

As your preferred petsitter, we at Pawsitive can assure you that we NEVER feed your pets anything they are not supposed to have while in our care. In the event they do happen to get into anything, or eat something they should not have, Pawsitive and your petsitter will alert you immediately, and monitor the situation closely. If necessary the owner of Pawsitive will coordinate a trip to the vet’s office.

Since COVID began, there has been a lot of anxiety in our lives, and our furry family members feel that anxiety too. Pets often show their stress in their gut functions, and may be prone to episodes of vomiting or diarrhea when they are anxious. If you think your pet may struggle with anxiety, please talk to your vet about treatments or medications that may help prior to using Pawsitive’s pet care services.

In all boarding facilities there is the risk of spreading an infection, whether it’s with Red Dog, Puppywood, your local groomer, or Pawsitive. Rest assured that Pawsitive routinely disinfects the boarding house using industry recommended products (Simple Green) that are safe for pets and highly effective against germs. Our yard is also routinely cleaned of waste. Even with these strict standards we cannot prevent potential infections (bacterial, fungal, microbial or viral etc) from spreading between pets as they interact and play with each other. If you suspect your pet has acquired an infection after being boarded at Pawsitive, please inform us so that we make take the proper steps to address the issue.

Please note that we cannot be held liable for possible infection while boarding at Pawsitive, as this is an inherent risk when boarding your pet at any facility. Some of the infections that may arise while boarding include Bacterial (Salmonella, Nocardiosis, Actinomycosis etc), Viral (Kennel Cough, Canine Flu), Fungal (Histoplasmosis, Blastomycosis), Yeast (Ear and skin Infections) and Parasitic (Giardia, Tapeworms, Hookworms, Roundworms etc).

House/Petsitting(starting at $45/day for one dog)

If you need us for housesitting, we will have someone actually stay in your home with your pets while you are on vacation or out of town. This ensures the comfort of your own home for your pet, and the reliability of available and local petsitters. We provide overnights, but make proper sleeping arrangements with the owner at the meet and greet. If overnights are not preferred, we can do multiple check ins a day, as well as caring for the house, mail, plants and yard as needed. Each client must sign an agreement prior to their house/petsitting needs, and can have a meet and greet with two petsitters, to ensure back up and extra help. Prices are negotiable depending on mileage, amount of animals in the house and any special requests. We treat your pets like our own and keep the owners updated with daily pictures messages and any questions or stories to share!

For longer housesitting jobs, we add a $20 cleaning fee to the FINAL price, and our housesitters dedicate a significant amount of time to ensure quality cleanliness upon the owner’s arrival.

Check Ins

We can also provide check ins. Usually when people are out of town they want three check ins a day so we’ve settled on $45/day for 3 check ins a day. The sitter stays up to 45 minutes for each visit but can expect to stay longer if needed. All requirements for food, medication and routine will be laid out in the agreement.

We also do daily check ins during work, which are $20 for a half hour to 45 min, or $25 for 1 hr.

Special Requests (All Prices Are Negotiable)

  • Transporting dogs from one place to another
  • Weddings, Events, Photo Shoots
  • Chauffeuring dog to daycare services or obedience school appointments
  • Daytime Doggy Care (Limited Boarding, Limited Availability)

Pawsitive Petsitting and Boarding BBB Business Review